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The Info is for the 2020-2021 course.
Registration closes on 30th April, 2020

The profession of a Holistic Hoofcare Professional (HHP) and Strasser Hoofcare Professional (SHP) constitutes a unique, holistic approach to equine health care, especially in the area of lameness prevention and healing. While an HHP is not a  veterinarian, and does not perform veterinary activities, they are individuals with profound knowledge of: hoof anatomy and physiology, the causes of hoof problems and lameness, and the correct method of
trimming a hoof to restore or maintain physiological hoof shape and functions. They also understand and consider the complicated interactions of the hoof with the horse as a whole, and the effects that hoof problems and diseases can have on the entire organism.

Furthermore, the HHP understands the basic nature of the horse and its physiological and psychological needs for health, soundness, and longevity. Thy know which conditions must be present in a horse's lifestyle for it to be healthy, and which conditions are harmful from incorrect boarding methods to improper rider position and the use of bits or horseshoes. Awareness and general understanding of holistic and alternative healing methods are part of the holistic, non-invasive approach the HHP has to aiding in the restoration or maintenance of a horse's soundness.

The HHP also functions as an advisor, counsellor and teacher, educating clients about the horse's requirements for a lifetime of soundness. He or she does not advocate the use of chemicals, drugs, pads, or horseshoes to cover up a symptom (for example, lameness) but, by removing the cause and restoring proper hoof shape, facilitates the healing of the underlying damage or deformation causing the lameness.
The focus is on allowing healing to occur, leading to a full lifetime of soundness, rather than just trying to get the horse usable again as quickly as possible.

This course runs over 2 years and consists of extensive theory work as well as practical sessions. At various points throughout the course there are exams.

In order do keep the work quality high, the HHP is required to attend an annual Continueing Education seminar.

This course is instructed by Thorsten Kaiser of the Institute for Barefoot Equine Management.

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Holistic Hoofcare Professional Course - Info Flyer

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