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We are the largest supplier of hoof boots in New Zealand. We supply the Easycare product range to veterinarians, hoofcare professionals, and saddleries throughout the country. Other than hoof boots, we also supply quality hoofcare tools, no-bounce saddle packs, EasyStirrups, supplements, etc. Feel free to browse the store to see what's on offer. If there is a size or item that is not in stock, please contact us so we can check.

When buying a product from us, we try our best to make sure you and your horse end up with the right product and service.

By ordering online with us using our paypal credit card facility we can dispatch your boots to you via New Zealand Post. Usually this is done on the next working day. Also note, unlike other online shops, our prices, unless otherwise stated, are inclusive of GST.

Although we use Paypal as our credit card processing facility, you can make your payments even if you don't have a Paypal account. Simply checkout by clicking on the Credit Card section, rather than login.

We support the warranty issued by Easycare on their products. This only applies to products that were purchased through Hoofstore.co.nz or associated dealers. If you have purchased your boots directly from us, we can usually return any warranty items the next day as they are dispatched from New Zealand. This generally means not much delay for you before you get your replacement items. In case you purchased your boots from overseas, you will have to go through those channels for your warranty claims.

This e-Shop is new and will get build up with more items. So, pay us a visit every now and then to see what has changed.

Enjoy your online shopping experience and, more importantly, enjoy your horse.


The HoofStore.co.nz Team

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